Frequently asked questions

How are the fees for our Schemes set?

We have always believed in offering patients realistic professional charges. Our fees are set partly by reference to your oral health to enable us to provide a high quality service in a relaxed environment. We do not believe in overcharging for any procedure.

Can anyone join a Scheme at any time?

You must be orally fit to join some of our Schemes, in which case any work that is required to make you orally fit would have to be done before joining the Scheme.

What determines whether one is 'orally fit'?

The amount of treatment you have received in the past and your current oral condition from an initial examination will guide the dentist in his or her clinical judgment. It may be necessary to undergo an examination to determine whether you are orally fit. If you are not orally fit when required to in order to join a particular Scheme, you will be required to undergo all treatment necessary to render you orally fit before being able to join the relevant Scheme. If such treatment is required, a full written estimate will be issued to you and treatment will only begin with your consent.

Will I need to fill in any paperwork?

Patients applying to become members of a Dencap Scheme must complete an Application Form on the premises indicating which Scheme they wish to join. Depending on the Scheme applied for, it may be relevant to undergo an examination prior to becoming a member of Dencap. Please see the respective Schemes’ sections of this website for more details.

How will I be recognised as a member of Dencap?

Once an agreement has been completed you will receive a unique welcome pack which includes your registration number and an acknowledgement / welcome letter stating your date of entry into the Scheme, confirmation of which Scheme you have joined, and the date that any payments will be debited from your bank or building society account together with the amount and the intervals at which they will be made.

How can I leave a Scheme?

Members are required to give three months’ written notice to Dencap Limited before leaving a Scheme. However, members may terminate by giving at least two months' prior written notice within one month of receiving a notice from Dencap Limited that it intends to increase the fees or alter the scope of its Scheme. Please see the Agreement Terms for more information.

Paying for cosmetic treatments and/or any procedures not covered in this policy?

Any treatments not covered in this policy will be charged to the patient by invoice. 543 dental centre limited in conjunction with braemar finance can offer 0% finance for patients, making treatment more affordable. with 0% finance you can borrow the amount you need to cover the cost of your dental treatment but spread the amount over time. click here for further information or contact a Dencap advisor.

What happens if any of my personal/bank details change?

If your address changes please use the change of address form available to download here or contact a Dencap advisor. For any account/payment changes please contact a Dencap advisor on 01482 501010.

What do I do in an emergency?

A plan member needing assistance in the event of a dental emergency away from home either in the UK or overseas can call the dental helpline on 0800 525631 in the UK or (0044) 1747 820841 from overseas.

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